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How Much Does the Mississippi Medical Marijuana Card Cost?

Patients and caregivers can join the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program (MMCP) by submitting their applications online. Once their applications are successful, the state issues participants in the program digital Registry IDs to use at dispensaries. Mississippi even allows out-of-state patients visiting their state to apply to its medical cannabis program. Before joining the MMCP, patients must be certified by eligible healthcare providers while caregivers must pass background checks.

Cost of Physician Consultation

Medical practitioners intending to certify patients for the MMCP must register with the Mississippi Department of Health (MSDH) and complete the mandatory hours of continuing education required to recommend and prescribe medical cannabis in the state. Mississippi only allows the following medical professionals to issue written patient certifications for medical cannabis:

  • Physician and physician assistants licensed to prescribe medicine by the MS State Board of Medical Licensure
  • Certified nurse practitioners licensed to prescribe medicine by the MS State Board of Nursing
  • Optometrists licensed to prescribe medicine by the MS State Board of Optometry

To obtain a written certification, a patient must visit one of these practitioners who will determine whether they have one of the qualifying medical conditions approved for medical marijuana use in Mississippi. If certified, the practitioner will register the patient’s recommendation with the MMCP and then the patient can proceed with their registration within 6 months of getting this certification. Medical professionals in Mississippi may charge patients for the consultations resulting in getting written certifications for medical marijuana. The cost of such physician visits varies from practice to practice, but patients may expect to pay $100 - $400.

Mississippi Medical Marijuana Card Fee

Mississippi issues electronic MMJ cards. Patients and caregivers can print these digital Registry IDs from their MMCP accounts. The MSDH does not charge an application fee for joining the state’s medical marijuana registry, but charges a non-refundable $25 fee for a medical cannabis registry identification card. Indigent patients, such as veterans and those on Medicaid, pay a reduced fee of $15. Caregivers also pay $25 for a Mississippi medical cannabis registry ID as well as $37 fee for background check.

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